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Use of force platform through ISA port

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  • Use of force platform through ISA port


    We have a Kistler force platform that connected to our computer via an ISA port. The computer has now died and we were wondering if there was any quick fix temporary solution so we could still connect the force platform to a computer via the ISA port possibly using an external AD board system. We have seen the Kistler DAQ driver as an option but it is too expensive at the moment.

    Any responses to finding a solution will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Use of force platform through ISA port

    Hi Lisa
    The best "quick fix" probably depends on what part of your computer has died (motherboard ? power supply ? hard disk ?), ie some of these, although they may be old, are relatively easy to restore.
    And do you mean that the system has an old ISA 'bus' ADC card (and possibly also DIO card) ? ISA bus PCs can still be bought.
    With a Kistler, moving things to a whole new data acquisition system may be complicated if it uses a DIO card to control the charge amp gain choice. Do you have internal plate amplifiers (computer controlled by DIO) or do you have an external amplifier ? We have ditched an old Kistler software system but it required building a simple box to control the internal charge amp gains.

    Tim Wrigley
    University of Melbourne