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BTK for Matlab and Python - new release available

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  • BTK for Matlab and Python - new release available

    The Matlab toolbox and Python pacakges for BTK 0.2 are now available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux.

    BTK is an open-source and cross-platform library for biomechanical analysis. BTK read and write acquisition files and can modify them. All these operations can be done by the use of the C++ API or by the Matlab and Python bindings.
    These bindings provide the possibility to read, to modify, or to create an acquisition and to further export all its content in a C3D file. BTK can be used to easily implement custom scripts and integrate them in your workflow. Moreover, an emulation of C3Dserver under Matlab was also developed and validated to run this tool in any operating system and architecture (32/64-bit).

    The download for Matlab and Python contains also informations for the installation and the documentation.

    Since BTK 0.1.10, several modifications were introduced in this version (

    Useful links:
    BTK homepage:
    BTK Users group:
    Twitter: @btkwww