We are planning to buy microFET 2 data software to analyze data we will collect with the microFET2 dynamometer.

Does somebody of you have any experience with either the FDC FET data collection software of Hoggan scientific LLC or the microFET 2 software of biometrics benelux?
Did you have any problems while using one of those software’s? What are your opinions about user friendliness, data analyzes and data storages?

Is it true, that with the FET data collection software of Hoggan scientific LLC I would have to measure the muscle 5 times in a row? Or is it possible to adjust the amount of measurements in a test to probably do only one measurement?
What are your experiences concerning the overwriting of the data’s? Is it possible to store the data’s to be able to compare different measures of the same muscle over a certain time with the FET data collection software? We heard that when we want to measure the same muscle twice, the FET software overwrites the results of the earlier measurement.

I’m looking forward to your answers.
Thank you