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  • Discount for educators and researchers

    zFlo, Inc. is proud to introduce TEMPLO Motion Analysis Software to instructors and researchers in the biomechanics, kinesiology, and related disciplines! Special academic discount available now!


    If you use video to assist in teaching core concepts in biomechanics, you should be using TEMPLO, period. Dartfish, Medical Motion, and others have no right to be used in a professional setting where data needs to be organized, trials need to be quickly located, and additional devices might be used (EMG, Force Platforms, etc). TEMPLO is a professional solution, at a lower price than the competition!
    Along with this introduction is an offer for a significantly reduced price simply contact us to receive an official quotation on our software offerings. In addition, please contact us today to schedule an online demo where we can go over the benefits of TEMPLO vs. other programs, and discuss how TEMPLO can integrate with additional a/d devices and even serve as a capture platform for video-based 3D biomechanics software like Peak Motus!
    CONTACT US today to learn more about this software and any of our other solutions!
    zFlo, Inc.
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