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Which plantar pressure is better

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  • Which plantar pressure is better

    Dear Sir or Madame

    I want to buy a plantar pressure to analyse high intensity actions in sport. I have seen several products; therefore I have not a clue about which of them is more suitable for my research goals, for instance, analysing the plantar pressure during a shot in basketball or ball Fake.

    I am looking for the best product according to its price, durability, data quality, repeatability and accuracy. It should be good enough to publish in Journals with JCR impact and I would like to use it in at least 20 people the same day. The product I now are:

    - Pedar system (Novel): 99 sensors I think this is the most used, but it is quite expensive
    - ParoTec (Paromed): I have seen papers in which this products has been used for analysing the gait
    - F-Scan (Tekscan): I have not much information, but it has 960 sensors
    - Biofoot (IBV): I have not much information, but it has 64 sensors
    -Walking Sense (Kinematrix): It is a new product, there is only 8 sensors and they can be freely positioned under or over any insole.

    Thank you very much for your grateful help in advance

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

    Kind regards