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EMG system for recording evoked potentials

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  • EMG system for recording evoked potentials

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know the best system which would allow EMG recording with the least contamination from electrical (or electromagnetic) stimulation artifact? Enclosed are examples of proximal and distal muscles’ recordings during electrical stimulation of different intensity, but delivered at the same stimulation point. As can be seen on the figure, the recording from more distal in relation to the stimulation site muscle (SOL) seem fine, and the least affected by the artifact. Whereas, the recordings from more proximal muscles are contaminated significantly: RF – is located the most proximal to the stimulation site, and affected the most. We tried to place the reference/ground electrode between the stim site and EMG, but it didn't really help. Besides, it is not feasible if we want to record from trunk muscles, which would be contaminated even more, and it seems that the evoked potential from the muscle will be completely obscured by the long lasting artifact trace. As such, the post-hoc filtering would also unlikely help.

    EMG artifact example.jpg

    Alternatively (or on addition), we are currently thinking about designing of a special hardware to minimize the artifact effects. Does anyone have insights on that or an advice on off-the-shelf hardware

    Thank you,
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