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Simi product news - release of Shape 2.0 for marker-less tracking

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  • Simi product news - release of Shape 2.0 for marker-less tracking

    Please see below latest important news from Simi - leader in image based motion analysis technology

    Important! Release of Simi Shape 2.0 - marker-less silhouette tracking
    Simi Shape is a new tracking module for marker-less silhouette based tracking! in Simi Motion

    Simi Shape uses calibrated videos to get full body 3D Motion capture data without markers
    Simi Shape can also be used in hybrid mode - combining automatic silhouette and marker tracking, which can be of great value especially for research.
    See more info about Simi Shape here

    Simi Shape is a tracking module of Simi Motion. Joint positions and rotations are generated automatically. Kinematic data can be used for further processing in Simi Motion, synchronized with force plates, EMG, etc..

    If you would like to know more or get an online demo! Email us at
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    Important! Simi education days 12.-14. October 2015!
    2015 Simi offers a 3 day workshop about image based motion analysis technology and systems
    • theoretical basics on image based movement analysis
    • Optimal setup planning and selection of methods
    • Efficient use of technology and products
    • Training on Simi technology in applied and research applications
    • Education on marker-less silhouette and hybrid tracking systems

    Please find more information here:
    Register soon! - places are limited
    To register, write an Email to

    All partners, customers and prospects are invited to learn more about image based technology and how to use Simi products in practical and research environment. We consider this event as being very important to understand the technology and learn how to use the products effectively.
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    Further news:

    Aktisys 1.4 release - clinical movement analysis
    • Aktisys 1.4 is released and includes new reports. Existing 2D reports have been updated and new reports for 2D and 3D gait, running, bike and spine analysis are available. Reports now include helping images in all reports and new reference values.
    • HP-Cosmos treadmill control has been integrated to read and write velocity and inclination in gait and running reports (only available in HP Cosmos version)

    If you would like to get a quote for an Aktisys or update, contact
    Information about Aktisys are available here

    Simi Motion 9.0.7 release - image based research
    • Integration of HD codecs (for all Simi products)
    • Delsys digital integration to record and view Delsys data directly in Simi Motion, synchronized with high speed videos and kinematics
    • New calculation templates for 6dof elements and relative rotations of different coordinate systems
    • Image pipe processing to improve video quality, tracking and also allow automatic tracking without using markers - see a small tutorial here
    • New model based Marker assignment tool to get finished 3D marker data immediately after tracking - see tutorial here
    • Revised gait report with pdf and online tutorials including tempo spatial parameters, kinematics, kinetics and EMG with reference values
    • New Running report and Hanavan based movement comparison report

    Running analysis course 2015 November 28-29, 2015
    2015 Simi will again host a running course with Dr. Christopher Powers from UCLA. The course will focus on clinical movement analysis technology, biomechanics of running, biomechanical risk factors for injuries and treatment of the injured runner.
    See more info here

    SimiTech tutorial channel
    To help customers learning all the possibilities of Simi systems, we started a growing Simi Tutorial channel. See the channel here

    Meet Simi at these events

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    Looking forward to a good year with our partners and customer to take image based motion capture further ahead. Great steps in technology development have been made, especially in accuracy, flexibility and marker less tracking methods. We look forward to an interesting time in the market.