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How can I test the Vicon's 640 ADC card ??

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  • How can I test the Vicon's 640 ADC card ??

    Dear friends

    we synchronize vicon 640 with a force plate (kistler) , we adverted to set the parameters in workstation software and the other configuration. but there is no any signal when we plot output signal in every 8 channels by analog live (in workstation software).
    I think my vicon ADC card have problem, Is there any manual for ADC card operation or specification? I want to send a pulse in valid range to test the ADC card.

    Thank you all

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    Re: How can I test the Vicon's 640 ADC card ??

    Contact the manufacturer for the specification and details about the card - most ADC cards accept inputs in the range of +/- 5 Volts but the exact details will be in the documentation. They will probably be able to give you advice on testing and verification methods too.

    A quick way to test an ADC is to apply a signal of a known frequency and amplitude to the device from a signal generator. Record the signal and analyze it. A triangle wave is good for checking the digitization accuracy but a standard sine wave is a good general test. Keep in mind that the input level and sampling rate of the ADC will affect the recorded signals. The signal generator should produce a signal amplitude that matches the ADC input range and the ADC must be sampled at at least twice the rate of the highest frequency component in the applied test signal.