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Testing and replacing LEDs in old motion capture cameras

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  • Testing and replacing LEDs in old motion capture cameras

    Hi Biomch-l readers:

    I need help finding someone capable of performing maintenance on old Vicon MX cameras. My system is considered "legacy equipment" and is no longer serviceable by Vicon. Unfortunately, our lab does not have the means to upgrade at this time. Does anyone know of a talented person who will test and replace LEDs to optimize the function of these old cameras? I suspect numerous LEDs are either burnt out or not functioning well at this time.

    Thanks for your help!

    Amy Lenz

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    Re: Testing and replacing LEDs in old motion capture cameras

    In terms of testing, the easiest way is just to use a regular video camera in night mode. Night mode removes the IR filter from the lens so you will be able to see the IR LEDs. You can just look through the viewfinder at the Vicon camera and you can see which LEDs are bright (and if you have a camera without an active viewfinder, you can just record the LED ring for a few seconds.). I actually doubt you will find any broken LEDs. They have a very long life (50,000+ hours) so unless you leave your cameras on all the time they are unlikely to burn out. However the LED driver circuit can certainly go and then usually you will lose all or a section of the LED ring. In terms of getting it fixed, the LED circuitry is pretty straightforward and any competent electronics technician should have a reasonable chance of fixing (or replacing) it. I the camera circuitry is faulty then that is much more difficult and I don't think it would be worth fixing - although if you could find a bunch of the same model cameras sold for spares then there is a reasonable chance of mixing and matching parts.

    Bill Sellers, Tel: 01612751719, Mob: 07857655786,
    University of Manchester, D1239 Michael Smith Building, Manchester, M13 9PT.