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New Versi: Kistler MARS 2.1 easy-to-use performance analysis software

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  • New Versi: Kistler MARS 2.1 easy-to-use performance analysis software

    Kistler’s measurement, analysis and evaluation software for Kistler force plates now includes two additional modules for symmetry and landing.

    Kistler is unveiling Version 2.1 of Kistler MARS (Measurement, Analysis and Reporting Software) – its all-inclusive, easy-to-use measurement, analysis and evaluation software for Kistler's force plates. Kistler MARS 2.1 offers a host of new features for performance diagnostics in sports and rehabilitation: examples include evaluation of stabilization performance after vertical jumps, and of bilateral leg symmetry. User-friendly data filter and reports supply all the important performance parameters at a glance, making easy work of analyses, assessments and evaluations in competitive sport and rehabilitation. The complete version of this software comprises twenty test modules to analyze and evaluate movements. Two partial versions of Kistler MARS are also available: Balance & Stability (with eleven modules) and Power & Strength (nine modules), so users of Kistler's software can cut costs by selecting the modules for the application area they require.

    Additional Modules
    – User-Friendly Evaluation
    Kistler's MARS software delivers complete, intuitive analyses of force measurements from force plates. Applications include performance diagnostics, movement monitoring, rehabilitation and related areas. Version 2.1 of the software adds two new functions: Landing and Stability, making it possible to evaluate stabilization performance after vertical jumps (e.g. landing on one leg) and bilateral symmetry of the legs, helping to avoid injuries. Also, database analyses and evaluations are more user-friendly in the new version, so it is even easier to determine training status and tailor training specifically to individual development goals.

    Balance & Stability – Partial VersionKistler MARS Balance & Stability offers detailed performance monitoring for rehabilitation and equilibrium. Eleven predefined modules to analyze balance and stability (e.g. Step Analysis and Symmetry) immediately supply all the relevant information on center of pressure (COP) shifts and other performance parameters. The result: rapid, sustained rehabilitation.

    Power & Strength – Partial VersionKistler MARS Power & Strength is intended for fitness and rehab trainers who need a precise and objective determination of their athletes' condition. The nine predefined modules (such as Counter Movement Jump and Stamping) focus on analyzing force and endurance. The software immediately supplies all the relevant performance parameters and bilateral symmetry values – a great help in preventing injuries and chronic pain. The result: weaknesses or asymmetries are quickly identified so they can be eliminated by targeting key personal training priorities and clear development goals.
    Kistler Screenshot_02 23-Apr-12 Ulh_Bio.jpg
    Kistler Screenshot_07 05-Jan-12 Ulh_Bio.jpg

    Collaboration with Leading Biomechanics Institutes
    Kistler collaborated closely with leading international biomechanics institutes to develop its Windows-based MARS software, which has undergone extensive testing under practical conditions.
    Kistler MARS can be used with all current Kistler force plates and all Kistler's USB data acquisition systems.
    Kistler will present the latest force measurement solutions for motion analysis, sports performance diagnostics and rehabilitation applications at the ISB (International Society of Biomechanics) Congress 2015, which will take place from 12 through 16 July 2015 in Glasgow.

    For more information on Kistler's force measurement solutions, visit: The following image can be downloaded here.

    Florian Ullrich
    Head of Business Field Biomechancis
    Phone +41 52 2241 520
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