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The Zoosystem Biomechanical Toolbox

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  • The Zoosystem Biomechanical Toolbox

    Dear Members,

    My colleagues and I would like to announce the release of our latest version of the Zoosystem toolbox (v1.2). The Zoosystem is an open-source Matlab toolbox to help users quickly process, visualize, and analyse biomechanical data. The toolbox does not attempt to replicate standard biomechanical functions, but rather provides a simple framework from which to create a streamlined workflow. We have found this approach to be helpful for students new to programming; however, advanced users are encouraged to contribute to the Zoosystem project by providing additional functionality. It is well suited to multi-channel data recorded over time, such as typical motion capture data, but has also been used in other contexts.

    You can find additional information, sample data analyses, tutorials, and of course the related m-files at:

    Feel free to contact us regarding any issues or questions via the information listed on GitHub.

    Best Wishes,


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    Re: The Zoosystem Biomechanical Toolbox

    An ideal experiment requires the exact procedures and good lab kits.