Hello Biomch-L Community:

Balance Tracking Systems Inc, based in San Diego, manufactures the first affordable and highly accurate portable force plate for testing balance and posture. The system is called BTrackS and is an FDA Class 1 Medical Device. The force plate is just 15 pounds, portable and requires no AC Power to operate. There are three software applications available to perform balance measurements. Explore Balance is for research applications and allows complete flexibility for testing protocols and calculates ten standard center of pressure metrics. Better Balance and Posture is for the medical and wellness market and assesses balance and posture using the already configured BTrackS Balance Test. Sport Balance is for the athletic market and is the most cost effective solution for an objective balance system for concussion protocols.

Learn more about BTrackS in our most recent publication in the Journal of Biomechanics.

For more information visit our website or contact scott@balancetrackingsystems.com

Balance Tracking Systems
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