Dear Members,

We would like to announce the latest biomechZoo release (v1.3, formerly the zoosystem). The biomechZoo open-source project provides tools for the analysis, processing, and visualization of biomechanical movement data that runs within Matlab on MAC OS and Windows platforms.

This release is supported by a sample data set and a peer-reviewed manuscript to help users explore the toolbox and learn how to implement our tools in both teaching and research settings. We have found that biomechZoo is helpful for students new to programming; however, advanced users are encouraged to contribute to the project by providing additional functionality.

  • Ability to compute joint kinematics and joint kinetics for motion data captured using the plug-in gait marker set
  • Virtual three-dimensional environment to visualize motion data
  • Graphical user interface to plot and sort time-series data


Best Wishes,

Phil and the biomechZoo team