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Laptop to collect Vicon data

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  • Laptop to collect Vicon data

    I am looking to create a portable Vicon set-up (10 x Vero 2.2 & 2 Vue colour cameras), running Nexus 2.5.

    Has anyone tried (either successfully or otherwise) collecting data with a relatively recent Vicon system using a laptop? If so, did it work and what type of laptop did you use?

    Thanks in advance,

    Brook Galna PhD
    Lecturer (Biomechanics) | Sport and Exercise Science Degree Programme Director

    School of Biomedical Sciences | Institute of Neuroscience (Brain and Movement Research Group)
    Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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    Re: Laptop to collect Vicon data

    Not a good idea. You need a Xeon processor, a sensible quadro graphics card, SSDs and and Intel ethernet server card with 3-4 ports to connect your hardware. You will be able to find a laptop to cover the first three, but for the last one it will be quite difficult. Your best chances are with he new Del Precision 7720 (17") whoch covers the first three requirements but I do not know if Intel thernet server can be installed... and that card is quite important.

    Good luck


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      Re: Laptop to collect Vicon data

      Google the term "Lunchbox Computer" and you will find array of choices with integrated Monitor and Keyboard and all the Hardware capabilities of a Workstation Computer you could think of, in portable form factor.