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New Delsys Trigno dEMG Sensor | Applications Questionnaire

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  • New Delsys Trigno dEMG Sensor | Applications Questionnaire

    Delsys is aiming to release the new Trigno dEMG Wireless Sensor in late 2018.

    The non-invasive EMG sensing technology is among the first-ever designed for close-proximity recordings of muscle activity from the surface of the skin increasing both the quantity and quality of neural information that we can see.

    Wireless dEMG and Analysis Pattern Recognition Software will provide researchers with opportunities to investigate: Deficits and gains in muscle strength, muscle dexterity, movement coordination, and balance during natural movements.

    How would you like to use the new Trigno dEMG Sensor? Join in the development and send us your feedback today by filling out the questionnaire at this link:

    Please contact or for any additional questions.

    Nicholas Ducey
    Delsys, Inc.