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Motion Analysis and Qualisys (2019) Demo Cameras for Sale

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  • Motion Analysis and Qualisys (2019) Demo Cameras for Sale

    Qualisys has 10 Kestrel 4200 (10 month used) and 6 Raptor 12 HS (10 month used) from a recent upgrade to Qualisys technology at the Wake Forest University pitching lab. All cabling for each was also returned to Qualisys. Each set of cameras will be sold as a unit and not indvidually.

    Qualisys also has 16 Motion Analysis Corp Eagle cameras (no cables) from the Univesity of Delaware from their upgrade to Qualisys cameras that can be sold indvidually to interested labs seeking to replace existing Eagle or Hawk cameras.

    If seeking Qualisys cameras, next month (August) Qualisys will be releasing its "2019 - demo" stock of cameras due to the new Launch of the Arqus cameras which will consist of the following:

    20 Series 7+ 12 mp/300 hs cameras
    8 Series 5+ 4mp/180 hz cameras
    16 M3 Miqus 2mp/340hz cameras

    The above cameras are 100% compatible to the Arqus as well.

    The MAC will be sold as is an were 100% total operational when removed. The Qualisys demo cameras will have their standard, full 2 year warranty.

    Please contact me directly at if interested in the above mentioned inventory

    Dan India, VP Americas
    Qualisys North America, Inc