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English XL VIT Tribometer for sale

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  • English XL VIT Tribometer for sale

    Lightly used. Includes travel case and all accessories listed below. $2000 (new $4200)

    The English XL VIT instrument mimics significant biomechanical parameters of the human walking gait. The machine is used stationary at the test location and does not walk, but the angle and velocity of the leg operating mechanism, and the size and shape of the test foot, were developed to replicate the heel strike of a human walking; the machine has a functional ankle.

    In addition to the English XL VIT, the Kit contains the Soft Case, Pedestrian Slip Resistance 2nd Edition, Stair Fixture, Certified Test Foot Calibration Tile, 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle, Sanding Brush, Sanding Kit (with extra discs), Prepared Neolite Test Foot, Blank Test Feet (No Neolite).


    Terence Fischer
    Fischer Forensic Services
    1815 John F Kennedy Blvd.
    Suite 1406
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    609-432-4290 voice