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2D goniometer of NORAXON

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  • 2D goniometer of NORAXON

    Hello to everybody! Nice New Year!
    I am Prof. Raikova from the Institute of
    Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

    From more than 10 years we have a telemetric NORAXON system Telemyo 2400T G2 - 8 channels - which we regularly use for experiments. We have also one compatible 2D goniometer which, however, is more suitable for shoulder joint. Now we have a grant where money for a new goniometer is provided which goniometer to be suitable for elbow joint. I wrote to the European office of NORAXON asking for offer for such a goniometer. The answer was negative – NORAXON does not produce more such goniometer.

    “I am really sorry that we can not help with the goniometer for your existing G2 system. I asked the manufacture but Noraxon does not have any parts to build the goniometer”.
    So, my request is – has anybody such goniometer which is not necessary more for him and how can I buy it. I have no now enough money to buy a new whole NORAXON telemetric system.
    Thank you in advance
    Prof. Raikova