Dear Biomech-L community,

after many years of Research and Development, we are happy announce our new website portal where low cost smart textile technology for human motion capture and advanced algorithms get together into our Turing Motion platform.

The platform is targeting who wants to quickly get from research to a final application in functional assessment, ergonomics, sports medicine, education.

Here you can also find our eBook that describes our R&D and offers.

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a quick demo.

Best regards,

Pietro Garofalo

VP R&D Turingsense
Managing Director Turingsense EU LAB s.r.l.

+39 3936165992

Via Zotti 20
47122 - Forli’ (FC)
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Tel: 0543725074
fax: 0543724371

Turingsense EU Lab aims to innovate the biomechanical / engineering field by offering services for the development of integrated systems for monitoring human movement, through the design of methods and algorithms and the related hardware and software implementation that are able to describe rapidly and at the same time objectively the kinematics and dynamics of movement, the degrees of articulation of the upper and lower limbs, in field monitoring scenarios (gyms, hospitals, playgrounds).