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Introducing SageMotion: Wearable Haptic Feedback System for Movement Training

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  • Introducing SageMotion: Wearable Haptic Feedback System for Movement Training

    We are excited to introduce SageMotion for wearable haptic feedback movement training!


    Haptic feedback is a powerful way to train human motion by stimulating mechanoreceptors in the skin for a wide range of impacting medical and athletic applications, such as to reduce joint loading, correct asymmetry or reduce injury risk.


    Customization empowers you to perform novel research for your specific movement training application. SageMotion haptic feedback and sensing nodes can be placed in any configuration across any locations on the body to measure and train the wide array of human movements.


    Open algorithm code means you no longer have to wonder how movement angles are calculated and feedback cues are initiated. You can explore and understand movement computation algorithms and how to implement effective haptic feedback training strategies.

    Ready to see the SageMotion system in action? Request an Online Demo
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    Are you attending the ISB 2021 Digital Conference?

    If so, come visit the SageMotion digital booth. If you want to pre-arrange a time to meet during the conference, send me an email and we can schedule it!



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      Are you attending the ASB 2021 online conference? If so, feel free to pre-arrange a time to meet and discuss at the conference or just visit the SageMotion digital booth directly to learn more about the wearable haptic feedback system with open algorithm code.