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Attention all Motion Lab Systems, Inc., customers, this is a Business Closure Notification

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  • Attention all Motion Lab Systems, Inc., customers, this is a Business Closure Notification

    Motion Lab Systems will be closing business as of October 30th, 2023 and we are still accepting available orders until October 6th, 2023. We appreciate your trust and support of our products throughout the years. We wish all our customers continued success. We ask that of this notification, all financial transactions be settled.

    We are currently working to handle all existing orders, so please let us know immediately if there is something your organization requires ASAP, however we can no longer accept purchase orders other than those payable via credit card or wire transfer. The EMG products we have at this time are limited.

    We are willing to work with any other company that is interested in taking over our latest high quality EMG system design, our force plate MTD location verification design, and the Knee Alignment Device (Adult and Child KADs) product designs, as well as multiple C3D software applications.

    At this time, one other company has acquired our C3D.ORG website to continue to support the C3D design definitions, so the C3D web site will continue.​

    And we are now working to transfer all our products and support to another company to help maintain our EMG systems in future and continue development.
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    Dear Biomech-L subscribers,

    I would like to thank Ms. Carolyn Maher and Mr. Edmund Cramp for their invaluable contributions to hundreds of patients who have benefited from the systems, software and, in particular, generosity offered to the gait laboratories at AACD and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein over the last 20 years.

    Thank you very much.

    Wagner de Godoy
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      The current Motion Lab Systems situation is that the office address (15045 Old Hammond Highway) has been sold and we will have to move from it by the end of September. I will return to my work area at home that was originally setup about 28 years ago after Vicon, my original employer, moved from Louisiana to California. I am planning to keep trying to repairing customers EMG equipment and hope to create public repair and functionality documentation once I am not too busy - this should not be too difficult because our EMG systems were originally design to be repairable.
      My home address is 4326 Pine Park Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 USA, so items needing support could be able to be sent to that address in future, I also plan to keep the current website address and phone numbers functional so that I can be contacted.