Hallo everyone,

Iím quite a newbie in biomechanics so I need a little help. In my final thesis Iím building a biomechanical testing bench for boots to simulate the dorsal- and Plantarflexion. As the bending is only in these angles, I replicated the axis of the upper ankle joint with a simple ball joint, which has 3 dimensions of freedom. The big question right now is in which height and in which distance f.e. form the heel do I have to place the ball joint. Furthermore, I do want to test different shoe sizes, so the position for them is also different.
A literature investigation didn't bring me further. For example in the book form Inmann & Ismann (1968) the target is always the angle of these axis, but no absolute position.
Does somebody have a clue where I could get these kind of information?

Best regards