Dear List Members,

As a result of requests during the C3D User Group Meeting at the 5th
Annual Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society (GCMAS, April 2000), we
have established a list server to provide a discussion forum for everyone
using the C3D file format for the storage and analysis of Biomechanics data.

The list server is intended to provide a means of open discussion of
the C3D file format for both the end-user community and all commercial
developers of C3D applications.

To subscribe to the C3D listserver, send a mail message that contains
a single line SUBSCRIBE C3D-L to - this will subscribe you
using your current reply-to email address. Additional information is
available at the C3D web site

Edmund Cramp,
Motion Lab Systems, Inc.
4326 Pine Park Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 USA
+1 225 928-4248 (voice, 2 lines), +1 225 928-0261 (fax)

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