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I would like to know the general consensus on *cost-effective* Eye
tracking software/hardware. What we need to know is where the subject is
looking. The solution also needs to be portable such that it can be run
from a laptop and some sort of portable power supply.

We are currently looking using EOG, and I have recently come across
Viewpoint Eyetracking software, though the web site seems to indicate
this is Mac based software. Ideally the system would need to be less
than $AUD5000.

What are the experiences of those on Biomch-L?

Thanks in advance,


It seems that a lot of people have heard of this technology but only a
few, on Biomch-L at least, are using it. The majority of replies I
received suggested contacting someone they knew.

So thanks to the following people...

Peter Sinclair
Lecturer in Biomechanics
School of Exercise and Sport Science
The University of Sydney
Email: p.sinclair@cchs.usyd.edu.au

"Gunther E. Paul"

John D Finan

Am awaiting replies from their contacts.

Nerrolyn Ford
School of Human Bioscience
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3083

..uses DBA systems PC-based eye tracking systems successfully in her
research but admits that at a price of $US16000, in 1998, it is quite

Laurel Kincl
Biomechanics and Ergonomics Research Laboratories
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

.. use the ISCAN eye and head tracking system. This system requires a
number of PC Cards to operate hence it's viability for use with a
laptop, a requirement for my research, is unclear. According to their
webpage, they have recently developed a Mini Remote Eye Imaging Assembly
for Driving/Cockpit. I am waiting to hear more information about this.

"Scheirman, Gary"

..pointed me towards Applied Science Labs www.a-s-l.com who have a
number of different systems, mostly though, they are head mounted
systems which is less desirable for my needs.

In my own searches I have come across the Viewpoint Eye tracking
software. This requires data to be collected using a video camera, the
data is then processed using the, presently, mac-based software. I have
been told by the manufacturers that a pc based version will be available
around September. At $US2499 it seems quite reasonable though I am
unsure of it's reliability. Perhaps someone reading this can tell me!

Through other sources I have come across another software based eye
tracking package at www.mediaanalyzer.com.
They lease the program to you for $US900/year, also offering a 30 day
trial. You can download it from their site. I am currently trialling it
at the moment and it seems quite good, especially for the price. You
simply need a digital video of the eye, or any other movement you wish
to track, and then you can either manually track the video or use their

All the best,


Tim Doyle
Griffith University
Gold Coast, Australia
Ph +61 7 5549 8354
Mobile 0409 312 417

"... it matters little through which sense I realise that in the dark I
have blundered into a pigsty." Hornbostel (1927)

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