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For the evaluation of canine joint mechanisms we would like to digitise
the joint surface
in 3D-space. We have access to an InsideTRAK magnetic tracking device
which we would like to mount on
a plastic needle to obtain a custom made digitizer-pen. Unfortunately
the software provided with the device
only produces XYZ-co-ordinates of the midpoint of the device and Euler
angles indicating the orientation in
3D-space. Now our question: has anybody done similar in the past. Are
there any programs available which
we could use to calculate the real 3D-coordinate of the tip of our
digitizer-pen, without "any" profound
mathematical knowledge?

Sincerely, yours

Peter Böttcher.

Peter Böttcher
Institut für TieranatomieI
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Veterinärstr. 13
D-80539 München

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