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Through funding from the National Science Foundation (USA), up to eight
undergraduate students per year will be eligible for a 6 month coop
research experiences at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF). Areas of
particular interest include biomechanics, biomaterials, medical imaging,
blood pumps and cell separation. Each student will have his or her own
research project.

Details of the program are to be found at: or by
contacting the BME education coordinator (Katie Root) at: or the project director (Dr. Bill Smith) at . While performing research at the CCF, the
student will be part of the mentor's research team and have access to
the facilities, support personnel and the equipment, as would any other
researcher. A cash budget of $1500 for supplies is allocated
specifically for the student's project. The project is expected to
continue part time for another five to six months at the home
institution, as a senior design project, honors thesis or as appropriate
to that particular school. Ultimately, the project is expected to result
in one or more papers in journal style, co-authored by the student and
his/her mentors/teammates.

The CCF offers its students a level of research experience that attracts
participants from around the world. The Lerner Research Institute is a
full time research organization, with no student body or degree
offerings of its own. All trainees come from other institutions, and
stay for varying periods of time. The student will be expected to
participate in his research team's meetings and department seminars, as
well as other professional activities. This program is focused on
independent, individual research, but a number of formal classes will
also be required. These include:
* Responsible conduct of research
* Ethical implication of research
* Ethical use and care of laboratory animals
* FDA regulations pertaining to medical device development

Students will receive a salary of $12.00 per hour while at the CCF.
During the follow-up part-time work at the home school, a stipend of
$250/month is provided. Airfare for one round trip, at the lowest
available rate will be reimbursed for each student. Basic eligibility
requirements include citizenship or permanent residency, preferred
junior status at the time of joining the CCF and enrollment in an
engineering discipline appropriate to the research project to be
performed. The student must have at least one semester or two quarters
of schooling remaining after completing the CCF term. No hard grade
point criterion has been established, but a student with the initiative
and drive required by this program will normally be in at least the
upper third of the students at the home school class. Currently we are
especially interested in undergraduate engineering students who can
start in the very near future.

Regards, Katie Root.

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