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Northern Digital
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

As the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced
spatial measurement systems, we specialize in providing precision
3D/6D measurement systems to the medical, industrial, human
performance and entertainment industries.

Northern Digital has a long history of serving the needs of human
performance research. Through our real-time OPTOTRAK(R) technology,
NDI offers customers around the world 3D motion measurement
solutions that can easily be tailored to specific research
applications. Our OPTOTRAK system is versatile in its ability to
track motion with a high degree of accuracy, offering real-time 3D
data capture. The portable and easy to set-up OPTOTRAK comes
pre-calibrated and is traceable to national standards.

Features of Our System
*Real-time data capture
*Accurate data with large volume
*Highly skilled application support engineers
*Easily synchronized to 3rd party add-ons such as EMG or force
*No marker identification issues

Specific Applications
*Gait analysis
*Rehab therapy
*Motor control

Contact: Joanne Yates
Position: Marketing Specialist
Address: Northern Digital Inc.
103 Randall Drive
Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1C5 Canada
Phone: (519) 884-5142
Fax: (519) 884-5184
Last Update: 1/10/2001

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