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I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm doing a scholarship on a research called "safety concept bycicle", who wants to studies the bicycle in many direction. I also would like to understand more in biomechanics branch - a biomech laboratory getting start in Dept. of Engin. Mechanical with a motion capture systems called E-motion -.
We have a racing bycicle that can measure the loads on the frame, on the components (handlebars, fork, hub of the front wheels), on the pedal and on the saddle (the sensors used are the strain gages - you can see it on the web site shown below).
So I can measure the ciclist applied loads (and I measure the kinematics data.
The answer is: - do you know if someone did a similar work?
- can you give me some interesting studies/papers about cycling position, kinematics movement on cycling...

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot for your attention, Ivan


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