Dear Colleagues,
coming back to my E-Mail after a week of absence I found many messages
concerning the ISB Congress in Paris.As you have heard many more papers
than foreseen have been submitted and this has caused some delay in their
processing. However letters of acceptance are being distributed just now and
if you have not received it yet, you are about to receive it.With it you will be
asked to confirm your participation in the Scientific Program and to submit
the short abstract for publication in the Journal of Biomechanics.The
refereeing process has been carried out very accurately and rigorously, using
none of the economic criteria mentioned in the E-Mail debate of these last
days. The only criterion and objective which the organizers had in mind was
the scientific success of the Congress .f course there is now some
contradiction between the present dates and the announced deadlines. I have
asked the Congress Organizers to post a message in this respect in the
Biomch-L. I invite you not to worry: everything will be settled in the best
way.I look forward to seeing you in Paris.
Aurelio Cappozzo
President of ISB