Hi Kimberly,

Whats the exact nature of your simulation ? Is it transient ( time
dependent) or steady state. Examples of transient could be a
human dummy on seat subjected to a crash pulse as in a
frontal crash in a vehicle the complete operation occurs in
70 -150 milliseconds , thats transient and also nonlinear.
The reason i ask this is ... there are different classes of Finite
Element Solvers which address transient / steady state.

In terms of software tools , in any Finite Element Analysis whether
transient or otherwise , there three broad steps that are followed ,
Preprocessing , Solution, Postprocessing , In the preprocessing stage
the Finite Element (FE) model is built , the model is solved in the
solution stage and the results are Post processed in the post processing
stage .

FEMB, PATRAN, would fall mainly in the preprocessing category , I feel
Hypermesh definitely scores over them ......

ANSYS, LS-Dyna, Nastran are the typical solvers , depends on what you
are solving, LS-Dyna is an explicit solver which addresses mainly the
transient non-linear domain. and because of its superior contact definition
is used both transient and quasi static mode .... my guess is this would
be a better choice for you as a 'solver'

LS-Post and Hyperview are good post processors ..... Patran also has post
processing features.

Hope this helps, Feel free to ask if you want more information.

Axiom Consulting

At 11:03 PM 7/23/2002 -0400, Kimberly Miller wrote:
>I am a graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering department at the
>University of Cincinnati. I am looking into doing some computer simulated
>pressure analyses on the human body. I looked at software programs that could
>determine the pressure between a finite element model of a human body and
>varying surfaces, such as a chair. Some of the programs I have looked at
>include FEMB (Finite Element Model Builder) by ETA and MSC.Patran by MSC.
>There is also a group of design engineers, ARUP, that do similar analyses
>on LS-DYNA. I am wondering if there is any other programs available that
>people know about that may help.
>Kimberly Miller
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