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Our lab is interested in obtaining free or
commercially available data on the web or another
source for 3D analysis of human motion. The
particular activities of interest include,

1. Gait (Male, Female, Elderly, Child)
2. Jogging, Running
3. Lifting and manual handling
4. Stair Climbing
5. Squatting
6. Slope walking

The data must conform to well accepted biomechanical
analysis file formats (preferably C3D or DST). Other
file formats that can be converted to C3D or DST are
also welcome, provided the code for the data
conversion is available.

At the minimum, the data should include 3D Kinematic
and Force plate data using a well accepted marker set
(such as Helen Hayes). EMG data would be very useful
as well. Ideally, we would like to follow the
procedures and regression equations provided by Dr.
Vaughan (Dynamics of Human Gait, Second Ed) to obtain
the anthropometric and joint parameters from the given
marker set. We would also appreciate information on
alternative procedures and formulation in obtaining
anthropometric parameters from marker positions.

If such data is not available or cannot be shared, we
would appreciate information about well equipped gait
analysis and biomechanics laboratories with skilled
technicians that have the capability to perform such


Behzad Dariush
Honda R&D - Fundamental Research Labs
800 California St. Suite 300
Mountain View CA 94041

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