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A long while ago I posted on BIOMCH-L a request for having in the
public domain the CAD geometry of prosthetic devices very old, for
which an extensive clinical record existed, of which were retired for
excessive failures. Useless to say no company seriously considered
my suggestion.

However, Werner Schmoelz recalled that during his PhD thesis work he
reverse-engineered the geometry of two well-known hip stems: the
Charnley Roundback 40 and the Capital prosthesis.

He sent the models to me immediately, but due to the re-organisation
of our sharing efforts, now revolving totally around the BEL
Community,and also due to the lack of time for these voluntary
effort, I was able to post on the BEL Repository only today. Sorry

The models are available in Pro/E and IGES format and can be freely
downloaded from:

The BEL Repository is the sharing initiative promoted by the
Biomechanics European Lab. For more information on this virtual
laboratory see:


Marco Viceconti

ps: while I am at it, is there anybody who have similar hidden
treasures? Nobody have a CAD model fo the Lord stem, a popular
cementless stem in the '70, or the original Muller stem? Please send
them to me if you want have them published on the BEL Repository.

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