Dear all,

I am trying to convert CT scans of a rib cage in to a 3D model on which I
can do finite element analysis. There are many softwares which does this
conversion process and one of the best as told by some of the BIOMCH_L
members is MIMICS from materialise software. I have used MIMICS software
for evaluation purpose but I was not really satisfied with the outcome of
the model. I could do a NURBS surface fitting model (IGES format) using
MIMICS but the geometry of the model was bad. That may be partly due to the
CT scans itself. There is another method of converting using STL files.

Data from MIMICS in the form of solid (STL format) or contours (IGES
format) can be used as the Inputs for CAD modelling. My question is which
one would be a better option.

Is there any other software which is worth trying or which is better than

I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.

Thank you

Kiran Manika
Graduate Research Assistant
Clemson University
Bioengineering Department
212, Rhodes Engineering Research Center
Clemson, SC 29634-0905
Ph: 864-656-6258

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