I want to process biosignals (more precisely electroneurographic (ENG) signals) with MatLab in order to analyze cat's locomotion. I red many publications about the processing of such signals and learned that I must do a Rectification followed by a Bin-Integration. (The processing of ENG signals seems to be similar to electromyographic (EMG) signals so you might help me if you know these lasts). My questions are:

1- What is a Bin-Integration? Do I have to convert my data in binary format? Do I have to integrate the signal over succesive bins (data samples or time duration)??? Is it an integration over the whole signal length? Please, help me with the concept...

2- I would like to know how perform the bin-integration with MatLab. What is the code? What are the functions?

3- Do you know a good book that could help me in processing ENG signals?

Thank you!


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