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Dear Colleagues

This year the European Society of Biomechanics (ESBiomech) started a
new activity that we hope will become a standard in future years: the
ESBiomech Summer Workshop. The first such event was organised by KU
Leuven this August, and focused on mechanobiology:

Now it is time to think to the 2007 workshop. The ESBiomech Council
invites interested parties to submit proposals for the next Workshop,
to be held during the summer of 2007. The proposed events should be
targeted to a relatively small group of people, with an organisation
designed to promote sense of community and participation, strongly
oriented toward education and training, with a financial model
sustainable and attractive for students, with special policies for
participants from less-favoured countries, and with a clear thematic
focus. The event will be reserved to ESBiomech members, although it
will be possible to apply for membership with the event registration.

Proponents, who must be ESBiomech members in good standing, should
send their pre-proposal with as much information as possible to the
attention of the Secretary General no later than December 31, 2005.
A preliminary evaluation will be conducted during the January 2006
ESBiomech Council meeting.


Marco Viceconti
ESB Secretary-General

tel. 39-051-6366865
fax. 39-051-6366863
addr: Laboratorio di Tecnologia Medica - Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli,
via di barbiano 1/10, 40136 - Bologna, Italy