Dear Biomch-l'ers,

Hello my name is Adam Buntzman. I am an undergraduate student at SUNY-college
at Brockport studying Excersize Physiology/Biomechanics. A recent oportunity
to do an internship with our Biomechanics department has left me in a bind.
During the internship I will need to use a Zenith-workstation with the
PEAK-software package. I have no knowledge of this type of system or software. I would like to prepare for the internship this semester by learning as much
as possible, so that I will be efficient in utilizing the system.

If anyone out there has any knowledge of, or experience using the Zenith-work
station and/or the PEAK-software package(I believe it is a biomechanical Analysis package) please contact me or send me any information that may be helpfull

I would be very grateful!
Thank You,

Adam Buntzman
SUNY- College at Brockport
26 Briggs Hall
Brockport, NY 14420