Announcing 2 assistantships for PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Virginia Commonwealth University is in its second year offering the PhD in
Rehabilitation and Movement Science. This is an interdisciplinary degree
program developed through a collaborative partnership of the departments
of Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, and Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation. The mission of this collaborative degree program is to
prepare applied scientists capable of approaching multifaceted health
care, preventive medicine and rehabilitation initiatives from an
integrative rather than competitive perspective, and to prepare graduates
to assume leadership positions in higher education teaching, research and
management within rehabilitation and movement science. There are two
program tracks: cardiopulmonary and neuromusculoskeletal dynamics. Our
athletic training faculty participate in the latter.

The primary components of the degree include:

-12 credit hours of research core courses comprised of a research design
class, two classes in statistical application and an elective in the area
of research design or statistics;
-18 credit hours in Neuromusculoskeletal dynamics track(select 18 credits
from the following):
REMS/HEMS 611 Biomechanics of Human Motion 3
REMS/HEMS 660 Neuromuscular Performance 3
REMS 665 Instrumentation in Motion Analysis 3
PHTY 602 Advanced Biomechanics 3
PHTY 605 Foundations of Pathokinesiology 3
PHTY 606 Therapeutic Kinesiology 3
PHTY 608 Advanced Musculoskeletal Sciences 3
REMS/HEMS 692 Independent Study or elective course 3
three credit hours comprised of laboratory rotations in a minimum of two
laboratories within the Rehabilitation and Movement Science program;
-three credit hours of professional development comprised of an
interdisciplinary research/journal club seminar (one credit hour), a
teaching practicum (one credit hour) and a presentation delivered at a
regional, national or international conference of a related discipline
(one credit hour);
-12 credit hours of dissertation research comprised of a focused line of
research over a three-to-four-year period of doctoral work.

Sports Medicine Research Laboratory

The Sports Medicine Research Laboratory is a 1400 square foot facility
dedicated to the training of researchers and faculty research. The
following primary tools are used in the laboratory?s research: Motion
Monitor motion analysis system, Myopack 16 channel EMG system, AMTI
force plate, Accusway postural assessment system, Biodex Isokinetic
dynamometer, Primus Isotonic dynamometer, TELOS stress device, Fluoroscan
Encore Premiere mini C-arm, Fluoroscope, Two Sensotec load cells, Datapack
data collection software

In addition to participating in the research agenda of Sports Medicine
Research Laboratory, Certified Athletic Trainers admitted to the program
also have the opportunity to teach and serve as clinical instructors in
VCU's CAAHEP accredited athletic training program.

VCU is a Research I (Doctoral Extensive) institution. It was formed in
1968 with the merger of the Medical College of Virginia and the Richmond
Professional Institute. It includes 11 schools and 1 college. The Medical
College of Virginia dates back to 1838 and as part of the VCU Medical
Center is the most comprehensive teaching medical center in Virginia. VCU
is the largest of Virginia's state universities (26,800 students). VCU has
20 graduate and professional programs ranked in the top 60 by U.S. News
and World Report including Education (47th) and Physical Therapy (25th).
It is located in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area. Because of its
location and the presence of the medical college, VCU has a diverse set of
educational resources to meet varied student interests. Its location also
makes it convenient to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Virginia Beach, and
the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For more information, please contact:

Brent L. Arnold, PhD, ATC
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Doctoral Studies in Rehabilitation and Movement Science
Director, Sports Medicine Research Laboratory
Department of Exercise Science
Virginia Commonwealth University
PO Box 842020
1015 W. Main Street, Rm. 1055
Richmond, VA 23284-2020
804-828-1946 (fax)
Athletic Training:
Rehabilitation and Movement Science:

Scott E. Ross, PhD, VATL, ATC
Assistant Professor
Director, Undergraduate Athletic Training Education
Department of Exercise Science
Virginia Commonwealth University
PO Box 842020
1015 W. Main St
Richmond, VA 23284-2020

804-828-1948 (Office)
804-828-1946 (Fax)

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