The organizers of the First International Fascia Research Congress (The
Conference Ctr., Harvard Med.School, Boston MA, Nov 4-5 2007) are pleased to
annouce the availability of two special awards in conjunction with that

This award is sponsored by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.
2) For BEST POSTER PRESENTATION: $500 award sponsored by the Fascia Research

This is the first time that these awards are offered, since this is also the
first international congress devoted to fascia. The focus of this congress
includes basic science as well as clinical implications (for conventional
and complementary health care) regarding fascia and other collageneous
connective tissues, such as aponeuroses, ligaments, tendons, retinaculae,
joint capsules, organ and vessel tunics, the epineurium, the meninges, the
periostea, as well as all intra- & intermuscular connective tissues.

Congress organizers are: A.T. Still Research Institute (USA); Dept. of
Anesthesiol., Ulm University (Germany); Elsevier Health Sciences ;Internat.
Assoc. of Structural Integrators; Massage Therapy Foundation ; Rolf
Institute of Structural Integration ; University of Westminster (London/UK)
; Veteran's Biomedical Research Institute.

More information at www.fascia2007.com

Robert Schleip PhD
Inst. of Appl. Physiol., Ulm University, Germany
Email: robert.schleip@uni-ulm.de
Phone: +49-89-398574, Fax +49-89-337927

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*2007 GCMAS Student Conference Awards*

The Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society (GCMAS) is pleased to
announce the availability of Student Conference Awards to support
student participation in the 12^th Annual GCMAS Meeting, to be held
April 11^th -14^th in Springfield, MA. These awards are funded through
generous donations of GCMAS members and vendors who support movement
analysis. Each year the society strives to support 6-9 students with $
500 to offset the expense of attending the conference. Information
about the 12^th Annual GCMAS Meeting is available online at
http://www.amrinc.net/gcmas/. The number of awards available is yet to
be determined; however, we hope to offer 7 awards.

These awards are available to full-time and part-time students in
clinical and technical areas relevant to movement analysis. Membership
in the GCMAS is not a requirement for an award. Award recipients will be
selected on a competitive basis using selection criteria that include:
contribution to scientific content of the meeting (accepted abstract);
motivation to attend the meeting (communicated through a statement on
the award application); membership in the GCMAS (preference will be
given to student members); involvement in a movement analysis
laboratory; level of participation in the conference (presenting or
co-authoring a paper); and academic performance. Preference is
typically given to those students contributing to the scientific content
of the meeting by presenting their research. Students outside the
United States are encouraged to compete.

The application form can be downloaded from the meeting website at
http://www.amrinc.net/gcmas/ by clicking on Application for GCMAS
Student Award. Applications should be submitted as early as possible,
and not later than Feb. 23, 2007. Students will be notified of their
award status by March 9th.

Please direct any questions about the award to me at jhouck@ithaca.edu

On behalf of the GCMAS Education Committee, I encourage all students to
apply for this award, and I look forward to seeing you at the GCMAS
Annual Meeting.

Best regards,

Jeff Houck, PhD, PT

Chair Education Committee