Hi everyone,

I am just about to commence a pilot study ahead of a larger MRI (3T) study
of the head and neck. I plan to reconstruct 3D models of both soft tissues
and bone. I understand that there is a trade off between voxel size and
scanning time (this is an over simplification, other parameters are

I do not yet really have a feel for the voxel size needed to accurately
capture the geometry for subsequent analysis, and similarly at what point
does increasing the scan resolution (decreasing voxel size) simply add to
the complexity of the scan and subsequent processing without adding any
further real geometric information to the 3D models?

My primary end application is FEA.

Thanks for any comments and assistance that you can provide.

I will post a summary of responses.

Many thanks


Andrew Sims

PhD Student

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

University of New South Wales