Dear Biomch-L-subscribers!

I am a lecturer for biomechanics in the study-course Sports Equipment
Technology the FH Technikum Wien - University of Applied Sciences Vienna.

Embedded in the student's bachelor curriculum is an internship (6th
semester) at a relevant working environment which can be
sports-industry, healthcare and rehabilitation as well as related areas.

In case you would like to provide an internship for our students, please
see the following brief description and contact me
( for either further details or an
internship offer.

A minimum duration of 12 weeks is scheduled for the period from January
until April 2008. In parallel, an internship-report is compiled and is
to be handed in by the end of april for evaluation. In May, blocked
courses take place at the Technikum Wien whereupon the bachelor course
concludes with a bachelor-examination in June.

To create the organisational basic conditions, 2 tutors are required; 1
company custodian and 1 tutor of the University of Applied Sciences
Technikum Wien. Based on the work of the internship, a 20 – 30 page
detailed report is composed, which is then evaluated by the tutors.
In case the residence of the student apprentice is not in the vicinity
of the company grounds, the provision of an accomodation would be ideal.
Furthermore we would ask for a financial support towards the trainee of
approx. 500 Euro per month. Travel expenses will be paid by the student.

Student's skills:
The student's courses include:
o Technical and scientific basics
- Physics, bio-medical technology
- Electrical engineering and electronics
- Computer science and applied computer science/Programming
- Maths/statistics
o Motion analiysis supported by measurement technology
o Biomechanics and ergonomics
o Mechanical and practicable laboratories
o Material technology laboratory
o Mechanical technology, materials
o Material- and product-technology, manufacturing technology
o Medical and sports-medical basics
o Sports practicals, Sports-equipment technology
o English and personality building skills
o Business management
o Quality assurance
Thank you for your kind attention

mit freundlichem Gruß / best regards from Vienna
Stefan Litzenberger

DI (FH) Stefan Litzenberger
Fachhochschule Technikum Wien
University of Applied Sciences
Sportgerätetechnik / Sports Equipment Technology
Hoechstaedtplatz 5
A-1200 Vienna
Tel: ++43 1 3334077 - 377
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