Dear PhD candidates,

PhD Scholarships will be available from The University of Sydney for programmes beginning in March 2009. Go to to find one that is relevant to you. The Biomechanics Research Team in the Faculty of Health Sciences have the following research areas for suitable PhD candidates. The web link will take you to information about the project and supervisors. You can also reply to

Effect of external ankle support on ankle and knee loading in cutting and landing tasks

Mechanical intervention for chronic joint diseases

To rehab or not to rehab following total hip replacement?

Footwear and Lower Limb Health

Matching boat, oar and blade characteristics to rower characteristics to improve rowing performance using an advanced on water performance measurement system

Performance without injury in aquatic sports

The effects of a completely new, research-based concept for children's shoes on the functional development of the lower limb in children

Biomechanics of Cricket Bowling and Batting :

Biomechanics Analysis of Tennis Strokes :

A cluster of projects involving the kinematics and/or kinetics of the serve, forehand and backhand strokes in tennis .

EEG, attention and golf putting mechanics

Angular momentum changes during free flight

Best wishes,

Associate Professor Richard Smith

Convenor, Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group

Faculty of Health Sciences