Biomechanics Interest Group (BIG)
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Dear colleagues,

Be an integral part of the biomechanics programming at next years ACSM Annual Meeting. The 2012 Annual Meeting will be held next summer (May 30 June 2, 2012) in San Francisco, California, USA. You are invited to submit a session proposal. The deadline to submit a session proposal to ACSM is Monday, June 20, 2011, at 11:50 pm PST.

Website for session submission:

It is highly recommended that each session proposal also be forwarded to the Biomechanics Interest Group (email to The BIG executive committee will rank each proposal and discuss these with the ACSM Program Committee. These discussions are intended to enhance the potential for biomechanics related sessions to be included in next years program. Please note that the final decisions for all session proposals are made by the Program Committee.

ACSM session definitions are listed below. The 50 minute sessions offer a variety of options for biomechanics-related topics. Proposals for these unique sessions have historically been under represented.

You do not have to be an ACSM member to submit or participate in a session.

1. Sessions with a 2-hour format:
Current Issue - Issues for discussion that are in the forefront of the ACSM membership. Current issues include 3 - 4 speakers with time allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.
Special Event - Sessions of special interest to ACSM members that reach a broader audience. Special events include 3 - 4 speakers with time allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.
Symposium - Indepth, scientific and state-of-the-art lectures in important areas of research. Symposia include 3 - 4 speakers with time allotted for an introduction and overview and overall discussion.

2. Sessions with a 50 minute format:
Clinical Colloquium - A clinical colloquium will focus on an emerging or controversial area of clinical practice. This session includes one moderator and two speakers.
Clinical Lecture - A clinical lecture focuses on a specific clinical area. Includes 1-2 speakers.
Colloquium - A colloquium is an interactive discussion on a topic or issue in sports medicine and exercise science. They are informal presentations that give the attendees a chance to "meet the expert". Includes 1-2 speakers.
Conversational Forum - Conversational forums are issues for discussion by considering differing views, involving two expert discussants and one moderator.
Tutorial Lecture - A critical review and analysis of the current state of knowledge in a field. The lecture should familiarize attendees with the basics of a subject and progress to current issues, question, problems, and the frontier of knowledge. Includes 1-2 speakers.
Clinical Workshop Hands-on Demonstration - The hands-on workshops are small group demonstrations of current examinations and treatment modalities of sports medicine problems. Clinical workshops are limited to 50 people; therefore space in the meeting room is available on first arrival. Includes 1-2 speakers.

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