Hi Pete,

This is a very important and somewhat timely question and something I feel should be openly debated within this forum. In fact, members of the ISB executive council, including myself in the capacity of Education officer, are currently discussing the need to develop joint kinetic standards similar to those currently available for kinematics.

There are no standards on the way kinetic data are quantified or reported, with different methods being used in different laboratories and different software systems. This is obviously a large concern and something that we strongly feel needs to be rectified. We are thus now looking to form a committee to develop standards and fill this critical void in the literature. On this point, we are looking for volunteers to be a part of such a committee. The intent is to actively and openly discuss current approaches, their associated benefits and pitfalls, in the hopes of arriving at a universally applicable set of standards that can and should be adopted by the biomechanics community as a whole. I thus strongly encourage anyone interested in being part of such a committee to email me at their earliest convenience.

Scott McLean
Assistant Professor
School of Kinesiology
The University of Michigan Ann Arbor