Dear all,

I am writing to you to cordially invite you to attend the first DEMOVE Symposium on "Translational Engineering in Neurorehabilitation (TEN) - Decoding the neural drive to muscles for advanced assistive technologies".

The TEN 2012 symposium will be held at the Department of Neurorehabilitation Engineering, Bernstein Focus Neurotechnology, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG), Germany, on June 21 and 22, 2012. Registration to the Symposium should be done by May 31, 2012.

Detailed information regarding the TEN 2012 symposium program, registration instructions, and exact location can be found following the link below:

This Symposium is organized as part of the ERC EU Project DEMOVE. In this project, we propose the development of advanced electrode systems for in-vivo electrophysiological recordings from nerves and muscles in humans and new computational methods/models for extracting functionally significant information on human movement from these recordings. The highly innovative focus is that of providing the link between the cellular mechanisms and the behavior of the whole motor system in the intact human, i.e. to build the bridge between the neural and functional understanding of movement. On the basis of these new technologies, we aim at answering open questions in movement neuroscience and using novel principles for man-machine interaction. Specific applications in man machine interaction are related to neurorehabilitation technologies, such as functional electrical stimulation, myoelectric and peripheral neural prostheses.

The speakers in the symposium include:

- Strahinja DOŜEN (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Dario FARINA (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Alexander GAIL (German Primate Center Göttingen, Germany)
- Bernard GRAIMANN (Otto Bock HealthCare, Strategic Technology Management, Germany)
- Charles J. HECKMAN (Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, USA)
- Klaus-Peter HOFFMANN (Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Germany)
- Ning JIANG (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Herman van der KOOIJ (Laboratory Biomechanical Engineering, University of Twente, Netherland)
- David G. LLOYD (Musculoskeletal Research Center, Griffith University, Australia)
- Roberto MERLETTI (Lab. for Engineering of the Neuromuscular System, Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
- Silvia MUCELI (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Francesco NEGRO (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Hubertus REHBAUM (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Massimo SARTORI (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)
- Kemal S. TÜRKER (Department of Physiology, Koç University School of Medicine, Turkey)
- Florentin WÖRGÖTTER (Department of Computational Neuroscince, BCCN, Germany)
- Ş. Utku YAVUZ (Department Neurorehabilitation Engineering, UMG, Germany)

We look forward to welcoming you to the DEMOVE Symposium.

On behalf of the symposium organizing committee,

Massimo Sartori