Biomch-L Readers:
Below is a summary of responses to my previous inquiry concerning
the fitness, biomechanics, ergonomics, etc., of firefighters and
similar personnel. Most of the responses concerned contact
persons or names to look for concerning references. Thank you
to all who wrote. Jeff
Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise Science
Campbell University
Buies Creek, NC 27506

The Responses:
__________________________________________________ ______________
Nuwayhid, IA et al. (1993). Am. J. Epidemiology, 137(5):539-548.

Lusa, Sirpa. Job Demands and Assessment of the Physical Work
Capacity of Fire Fighters. Studies in Sport, Physical Education
and Health. Research Series Vol 33. University of Jyvaskyla. Univ.
of Jyvaskyla Press, 1994.
Note: This is Lusa's thesis, the published articles from her thesis
are as follows (thesis and articles are in english):
Lusa, S. et al. (1994). J. Occupational Medicine. 36:70-74.
Lusa, S. et al. (1993). American Industrial Hygiene Association
Journal. 54:228-231.
Lusa, S. et al. (1991). Ergonomics. 34:1429-1432.
Lusa, S. et al. (1993). SAFE Journal. 23(1):36-39.
Louhevaara, V. et al. (1994). International J. of Industrial
Ergonomics. 13:139-146.

Authors to search for; scientists to contact:
Cady and Bishcoff

P.O. Davis

Dr. Joan Stevenson
School of Physical and Health Education
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6

Dr. Mark Sothmann
Dept. of Human Kinetics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
(414) 229-6080

Ronald Heus
TNO Human Factors Research Institute
Dept. Work Environment, Thermal Physiology Group
P.O. Box 23
3769 ZG Soesterberg
The Netherlands

Chuck Dotson
University of Maryland
(301) 405-2491