Delsys Webinar: Combining EMG and IMU to Analyze Movement
April 26-28, 2016

Bryan T. Cole, Ph.D. -- Research Scientist
Steven Lindley, Ph.D. -- European Manager

In this webinar, Dr. Cole and Dr. Lindley will present the Trigno™ IM sensor system and its various uses in the field of human movement sciences. The team will highlight several applications of Trigno™ IM technology, using EMGworks and third-party software to develop insights not previously possible with a single motion capture or EMG system.

The workshop will last for 30 minutes and will include a question-and-answer session. Those who are interested in attending the webinar are encouraged to send any questions they would like to see addressed during the presentation. Please visit the Delsys website (link) for additional details.

Thank you,

Delsys Education Team
Natick, MA