Dear Colleagues,

How many of you in U.S.-based clinical motion labs bill CPT code 97001 (PT eval) for your physical examinations if/when they are performed by a licensed physical therapist as part of your gait analysis? How long have you been doing so? Is it typically covered by insurance carriers in your area? Are there any pitfalls we should know about that have improved your reimbursement for this code?

Secondly, are any of you performing many clinical gait analyses on adult patients (e.g. stroke, TBI, etc.)? If so, who typically are your referrers and what type of questions are they asking you to answer? How well are these adult gait studies generally covered by insurance?

It would be great to hear from some of you by next Wed., 8/31/16 end of day. I have a meeting with our hospital billing folks where I would like to report any relevant responses.

Thank you for your time.

Mitch Barr
Please e-mail any responses to me at