You can always read and search the forums, but it can be helpful to receive notifications of new postings. This option is only available if you have registered and logged in.

The organization of the site has four levels: Biomch-L has 12 forums (currently), each forum has multiple threads, and each thread has multiple postings. You can subscribe to forums and threads.

If you go to, to the right of each forum name there is a small circle. If it is a black circle with a minus sign, that means you are already subscribed (hover your mouse there to see the message). If you click this button, you become unsubscribed. If you see a green circle with a checkmark, that means you are not subscribed to that forum. If you click on the circle, you become subscribed. The system then will ask how you want to receive the notifications, and how often. My preference is "daily e-mail".

It's easiest to subscribe to an entire forum as described above, but you can also be more selective and subscribe to individual threads. If you post in a thread, you become automatically subscribed. If you are not a contributor to the thread, you can still subscribe as follows: enter the thread, and use the "Thread Tools" pull down menu to subscribe. When you go back to the forum, you will see a green circle with checkmark next to the thread, which means: "you are subscribed to this thread" (hover your mouse there to see this message). Consequently, this green icon now has the exact opposite meaning as in the previous paragraph, and you can't click on it. Yes, the user interface is confusing but we have limited control over that.

Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator