With regard to Dr Mickles work on toe flexors (see ref below ) it might be said that strengthening these muscles gives the body more effective tools for foot related tasks .

Balance perturbation studies have shown that balance perturbation training may have the potential to reduce falls in older people . That is , perturbation training may improve the bodies ability to use the tools available to it to resist falls .

What would happen if you ran together Dr Mickles program for toe flexor strengthening and balance perturbation training ? That is ,improve the tools AND the ability to use them .

Might there be a synergistic effect ?


Efficacy of a progressive resistance exercise program to increase toe flexor strength in older people
Available online 7 October 2016

Karen J. Mickle | Peter Caputi | Jan M. Potter | Julie R. SteeleReduced toe flexor strength is an independent predictor of falls in older people. However it is unknown whether strengthening programs can restore toe flexor strength in older individuals. The aim of...

Any thoughts ?