We would like to remind you that the 4th Symposium on Motor Control in Biomechanics will be held in Chicago (USA) on July 5th 2016, on the pre-conference day of the XXI Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK).

Date, Time and Venue: Tuesday July 5th 2016, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. XXI ISEK Meeting, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, IL (USA)

Opening: Carlo J. De Luca (Boston University and Delsys Inc., USA)

Invited Speakers:

  • Dr. Joshua C. Kline (Delsys Inc., USA). The empirically unsupported practice of estimating common synaptic inputs
  • Prof. Andrea D’Avella (University of Messina and Santa Lucia Foundation, Italy). Muscle synergies: biomechanical epiphenomenon or neural control strategy?
  • Prof. Paul Hodges (University of Queensland, Australia). Probing muscle coordination with electromyography: Lessons from adaptation to pain
  • Prof. Patrick E. Crago (Case Western Reserve University, USA). Augmenting voluntary reach and grasp in stroke survivors by functional electrical stimulation

Registration and Fee: Please visit the ISEK website for registration information (see Workshop 1B).

Who Should Attend: Researchers and students with an interest in Biomechanics and Motor Control should attend. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the latest developments in these fields and discuss with experienced investigators.

Check our website for details at http://www.mcg.isbweb.org/

We look forward to seeing you at the next ISEK Congress in Chicago!


Carlo J. De Luca, Boston University and Delsys Inc. (USA)
Paola Contessa, Delsys Inc. (USA)